BMT Frequently Asked Questions

From official BMT Website:

1. When will my Airman graduate? The Air Force basic military training program is eight weeks in duration. The first week that the trainee arrives in Basic Military Training does not count as part of their eight weeks of training. Graduation is the Friday of their last week of training. After graduation, the Airman will receive town pass on Friday, Saturday and base liberty on Sunday. And, finally, the Airman will be shipped out to a technical school on Monday. Please keep in mind that the graduation date of an Airman might change due to unforeseen circumstances such as medical condition or failure to meet certain training requirements.

2. How do I get my Airman's mailing address? Call (210) 671-3024.

3. I haven't heard from my Airman, how do I contact him/her? An Airman is required by regulation to get one initial phone call to give you his/her address and to let you know that they are fine. Other phone calls during training are strictly up to the individual training instructor. If you have not received a call within 2 weeks, you can call (210) 671-3024. Keep in mind that your Airman may have opted to call a friend or spouse.

4. Am I allowed to visit my trainee during Basic Training? Basic Military Trainees are not authorized visitors until Thursday of the eighth week of training. In order to preserve the integrity of the basic training environment, family members of trainees assigned to Air Force Basic Military training are asked not to make arrangements to meet or observe their trainees who are currently in BMT. This includes visits to Lackland AFB to coincide with the trainee's use of the installation's chapel or other base facilities. Trainees who do not comply with this policy are subject to disciplinary action and are sent back a minimum one week in training.

5. How do I get graduation pictures and/or videos? To find out how to purchase graduation pictures and/or videos, please call (210) 695-4979. The reception center staff also has additional information.

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6. In case of an emergency, how can I contact my Airman? Contact your local Red Cross office.

7. We need to get a Visitor Access Pass. How do we get on base? Due to heightened security measures, all visitors to Lackland AFB must be properly cleared before they are allowed on base. Please be aware that security personnel will conduct criminal background checks on everyone over the age of 18 who DOES NOT currently possess a valid DoD ID card (CAC or retired military ID). You should anticipate receiving a Visitor Access Pass around the end of your trainee's fifth week of training. If you have not received your pass, contact your trainee via mail or during authorized weekly telephone call to ensure your trainee has completed the Visitor Access Request Letter and has mailed your Visitor Access Pass home for your visitation. If you do not have a Visitor Access Pass or a valid DoD ID (CAC or retired military ID), you will be denied access to the base.

8. Will the Air Force provide transportation from the airport to and from hotels? No. You can use your own vehicle, taxis or rental cars. Some hotels provide shuttle services.

9. What is open house? This is an opportunity for visitors to view the graduating Airman's dormitory. It takes place after the parade and is for one hour. Sometimes this is extended to allow family members the opportunity to spend more time with their Airman.

10. If I am a spouse or child of an Airman, how do I get a dependant ID card? Dependents requiring an ID can have their Airman get the required form from the appropriate base agency, sign it and send it to the family member. Dependents can get the ID card at Lackland or any ID card processing center. If time permits with your Airman's schedule, you can have him/her go with you to get the ID when you arrive.

11. What can I do while I'm on base until my Airman shows up? You can shop in the General Store or snack bar located at the reception center. Civilians can enter the BX but cannot purchase without a military ID card. We have several museums on base as well, including one in the BMT Reception Center. The reception center staff will provide a map of the main attractions.

12. Do I have to attend a visitor's briefing? The briefings are optional but HIGHLY encouraged. These briefings are designed to give visitors an overview of the weekend events, explain what you should and should not do, what your Airman can and cannot do, etc.

13. Can I get a room at an on-base hotel or other base housing? We do have lodging facilities on base. In order to stay, you must call 24 hours in advance to request a room. These rooms are rented on a space available basis. However, active duty military members with specific business on Lackland take precedence. Unfortunately, most times the rooms are unavailable. The number for the Gateway Inn is (210) 671-2556.

14. Are there limits to how many friends/family can attend the graduation? No, there is no limit placed on how many people can attend the weekend events.

15. Can I take my Airman to his/her technical training school? It is RARE that permission is granted for this. Only an Airman with very specific circumstances is allowed to go with his/her parents to tech training. This is an issue that needs to be discussed with your Airman's commander when you arrive. The commander will have the final say. An Airman not accompanying his/her family to technical school (99.9%) will travel via government provided transportation. Family members cannot travel with the Airman in this case.

16. Where is the nearest bus stop to the reception center? The stop is down the street from the reception center. It provides transportation around the base for free.

17. Is there a phone I can use at the reception center? We have one available phone on the 2nd floor of our facility. We also have several located behind the building under the pavilions.

18. Where can I park at the reception center? We have designated parking adjacent to our building and across the street. Parking is also allowed at the buildings around the reception center. Please ensure you park only in designated areas and not in those reserved for others.

19. Where can I smoke? Smoking is not authorized near any entrance or exit of any building on base but a smoking area has been set up in the grassy area behind the reception center.

If, after thoroughly searching through this document and the rest of the web site, you did not find an answer to your question or you have any questions or comments concerning the web site and included documentation, please feel free to contact us by using the following email address: After you contact us by email, we will do everything possible to respond in a reasonable amount of time.

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