Tech School

Upon completion of BMT, new Airmen report to technical school to for job training specific to their AFSC(Air Force Specialty Code). Tech School lasts anywhere from 6 to 72 weeks, depending on the specialty of the Airmen.

Airmen life while at Tech School can be compared to college life. Tech School generally consists of a full day of courses with evening study time. Airmen live in Dorms similar to college dormitories. Most if not all weekends are rest days for airmen.

Technical training is conducted primarily at six installations:

  • JBSA-Lackland (Texas)
  • JBSA-Fort Sam Houston (Texas)
  • Goodfellow (Texas)
  • Sheppard (Texas)
  • Keesler AFB (Mississippi)
  • Vandenberg AFB (California)

  • Each base is responsible for a specific portion of the formal technical training Airmen require to accomplish the Air Force mission.

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